jahro commands

Jahro logs are all about catching and controlling Unity's Debug logs in a convenient and powerful way. They equip you with the ability to log custom messages using Jahro's custom Log interface Jahro.Log(). The best part? You can see these logs directly in your game build, making the troubleshooting process more streamlined than ever!

But that's not all. Jahro logs also allow you to see the results of your commands, visualize different log levels with unique colors, and even share specific logs with your team. This makes Jahro logs not only an essential debugging tool, but also a helpful communication medium.


Jahro logs help in intercepting Unity Debug logs and present them to you in a neat and organized way via Jahro's custom Log interface.

Jahro logs come in various types, each with its unique color and purpose:

  • Debug Logs
  • Warning Logs
  • Error Logs
  • Exception Logs

But Jahro logs are not just about capturing logs. They also provide a powerful way to log custom messages with Jahro.Log() method.